conv2nmail4       The mail converter for Nmail4
Updated : 15 Sep 1999
conv2nmail4 can import mail from following mailers and can import probably from other mailer.

  [Linux]   Nmail 3.02
  [Linux]   Netscape Messenger
  [Windows] AL-Mail32 (Japanese famous shareware mailer)
  [Windows] MS Outlook Express (by using "MailExp")
         "MailExp" is mail converter working under MS Windows Japanese edition.

  conv2nmail4 requires Tcl/Tk (Tcl7.4/Tk 4.2 or higher version).
  conv2nmail4 is I18N(Internationalization) application.


 download  conv2nmail4 <version 0.6.1> package

Author:  R.Kawagishi     kawagisi@yk.rim.or.jp

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