general information

We have three entrances:
The intended pronunciation for Musée Psyché is mu-zay-pshe-shay.
_____Admission fee:
Musée Psyché maintains a policy of free admission to all its exhibitions. The director's sponsorship covers all expenses to maintain and update the exhibitions and the museum facilities.
If any of the visitors have any concerns about our museum design regarding accessibility, please feel free to contact us.
_____Downloading and Redistribution:
Please see policy of free distribution at Rules & Copyright.
_____Acquiring policy:
The fastest way for you to have your works of art included in Musée Psyché is to make a use of the art trade centre facility at Club Vraifaux. Those of you who wish more professional relationship with us may want to join our Sound Fetish Productions label. Please contact us for detail.
_____Please note:
Certain works of art may not be on view at all times (including in our catalogue for the art trade centre). Musée Psyché regrets any inconvenience to our visitors.

Progress in medicine is a menace to the human race.