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The same world, a new reality.

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Past Musée Psyché

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Welcome to Musée Psyché

Musée Psycheé was founded in 1995 for the purposes of acquiring, exhibiting and introducing to the public the works of digital offbeat art.

Being a web complex, Musée Psycheé consists of multiple sites, each focusing on a particular theme. These sites include our art gallery and "home pages" of our featured artists such as Bossa Nova Girls. The sites will be briefly introduced later in this page.

We hope that you enjoy your visit, find our exhibitions well presented and the information provided clear and helpful. We welcome your comments so that we can continue to improve our services for our visitors. Please let us hear what you think about this web complex at Psyché's Big Chair.

- Kenji Saito (the director)

Musée Psyché sites

__________Su: Salon Soleil
is the digital offbeat art gallery featuring our collections of moving image, text, still image and sound, created by both guest and in-house artists.
Me: Rules & Copyright
is the copyright notice and rules on how the museum contents should or should not be distributed. Please make sure you read this section.
V: Plan & Navigate
is the illustrated map of the web complex so that visitors can plan and navigate their ways.
E: Friends & Family
is our favourite set of links to our friends' places and other cool sites.
M: Club Vraifaux
is the digital offbeat cabaret featuring 1,000 knives of thought, an interactive search for truths, and the art trade centre, our way of collecting works of art.
J: Bossa Nova Girls ¡Todo El Mundo!
is the digital offbeat musical lounge featuring sound fetish journal of our virtual label, road to 165 progress report, listeners manual of our musicians and 10,000 fans wanted, a revolutionary project to create a new distribution mechanism of music and other forms of art.
S: Bossa Nova Girls Mundo Sampling
is a world according to sound samples collected from Mundo 1: Europe (Czecho, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom), Mundo 2: America (Canada, United States) and Mundo 3: Asia (Japan).
U: News & Information
is where the following articles are archived for the convenience of the visitors: general and technical information , news, frequently asked questions and profiles of the museum people.
N: Members Club Vraifaux
is an exclusive vanguard cabaret featuring Café Triton and other upcoming interactive funs such as ISBN 2 (Internet Sumo for BitNiks 2). Membership is free and obtainable at the membership services counter.
P: Psyché's Big Chair
is where you can take a seat, and talk about your problems (or ours for that matter) by reading us your letters.

Musée Psyché contact addresses

Musée Psyché is constructed over three independent servers. The corresponding site-master addresses are:

But the recommended contact address will always be the one printed at the bottom of this page.

Mediocre god rules.

mailto: ks91@cornell.edu