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Kenji Saito owns the copyright for Musée Psyché, i.e., the textual, graphical, audio and programming works for presenting our collection and projects.

The copyright holder of each work of art, fax message and postal/electronic mail in our collection and projects maintains his or her copyright for the authored material.


policy of free distribution

Downloading and redistribution of materials at Musée Psyché is encouraged. The materials may be reproduced, stored in retrieval systems or transmitted, without the prior permissions of the copyright owners for non-business purposes only. However, such redistribution must be accompanied by the copyright notices and this passage or its equivalent.

The following activities are considered to be of business purposes, and may not be performed without prior permissions:

  • To make a material an article or part of an article of trade or commerce.
  • To use a material for advertising (including publishing a material on a free paper, magazine, TV or radio which is established as business itself).

If you are unsure if your intended activitiy is of business purposes or not, please contact us.

policy of non-translation

In order to respect the original writing and to reduce the maintenance cost, Musée Psyché will not translate textual works of art, fax messages or postal/electronic mails from our visitors into any other languages unless the author of such a text explicitly requests for it. Consequently, a textual work of art, a message or a mail on one language version of Muée Psyché (English or Japanese for now) will not be seen on the other versions in most case.


Linking to Musée Psyché sites' home pages is encouraged. We would appreciate if you drop us a line when you make a link, so that we can notify you if there will be any changes in our site locations.


Musée Psyché owes no responsibility to any damages resulting from practicing what works of art presented there may seem to be suggesting. They may be telling truths, but truths are poisonous to mediocre people.

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