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The world is a war between words.

Club Vraifaux has had visitors since January 22, 1997. Thank you very much indeed.

Past Club Vraifaux

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Welcome to Club Vraifaux

Club Vraifaux is our digital offbeat cabaret where guests are called for taking part in the floor shows. We are not asking you to lie down while we separate your body into two (although it would look something like that). We are not asking you to dance with our show girls either (although it would look something like that too). But the names of the shows are rather seeking truths and trading works of art.

The former is carried out by questions and answers. I have 1,000 questions that I ask you to give answers to. I will ask one question a day so that it would take us until the beginning of the 21st century to finish. I consider this to be a modern art, but it is by no means a 20th-century one.

The latter is carried out by a mechanism similar to catalogue shopping. We present the catalogue of our collection of digital art. You may order any item in the catalogue, but you will have to pay with your own work, which will then be added to our collection.

We hope you will enjoy the shows and we appreciate your contributions.

- Vraifaux (the site master)

How Club Vraifaux is organised

__________M1: 1,000 knives of thought
are thrown at you one by one, everyday. If you do not wish to be injured, you should better dodge and throw them back.
(updated everyday)
M2: the art trade centre
has the catalogue of our collection of digital art. You can obtain a copy of any item in the catalogue in exchange with a copy of your own work.
(last update: 28/Jul/98)

Every human behaviour was pathological in its beginning.

mailto: ks91@cornell.edu