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The world is already bankrupt.

Members Club Vraifaux has had visitors since July 25, 1998. Thank you very much indeed.

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Welcome to Members Club Vraifaux

Members Club Vraifaux is a members-only vanguard cabaret. This is a private space implemented within the framework of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), and is like an isolated island in the ocean of the Internet, or perhaps a fortress. I wouldn't say it is impossible for a non-member to get in, but it would be only possible if he or she is an experienced cracker. Please enjoy the interactive fun we proudly present here, under pretty good privacy.

- Vraifaux (the site manager)

How Members Club Vraifaux is organised

__________N3: membership services
are provided for the benefits of our members.
N1: Café Triton
is the members café. You can enjoy our multi-channel chat here when the server is not crowded. If not, you can still use this as a bulletin board system.
N2: ISBN 2 (Internet Sumo for BitNiks 2)
is a sequel to the ISBN we presented at the Internet Expo '96. This is a network game in which your favourite books become sumo-wrestlers. This attraction is in preparation for now.

How to join Members Club Vraifaux

In principle, a new member can join the club if he or she is introduced by one of the existing members. Please enter the keyword and obtain the membership registration form.


If you do not know any existing members even though you have a rather compelling urge to join us, there is a hint to what the keyword is. That is "THE FINAL ODYSSEY."

Please read the following rules carefully before you decide to obtain the membership.

Rules at Members Club Vraifaux

  1. The membership for Members Club Vraifaux is free. Members can receive services without giving us anything in return, but must agree that we will not take any responsibility for the damages which may result from your activities here.

  2. The following behaviours are considered malicious with respect to the members-only area:

    • To persistently continue speeches or actions to hurt other members.

    • To reveal or take advantage of the private information of another member, including the real name, e-mail address or the membership itself, within or outside of the members-only area without a consent from the member.

    • To lend or give the membership to others.

    • To wrongfully intrude in the members-only area.

    Should above behaviours be witnessed, the members must agree, their memberships will be removed by the administrator.

  3. Members should change their passwords regularly. Please contact us if you forget your password.

  4. Members Club Vraifaux does not have an open interface to remove memberships. If you wish your membership to be removed, please contact us.

A comedy is more militant than a military.

mailto: ks91@cornell.edu