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Musée Psyché has had visitors since the Grand Opening on June 24, 1996. Thank you very much indeed.

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Musée Psyché supports free speech online.


Welcome to Musée Psyché

Musée Psycheé was founded in 1995 for the purposes of acquiring, exhibiting and introducing to the public the works of digital offbeat art.

In 1996, Musée Psyché had its grand opening on the Internet in June, and became a registered pavilion at INTERNET 1996 WORLD EXPOSITION, where we were awarded a silver medal.

In January 1997, Musée Psyché was reorganized and rebuilt as a whole new web complex. It now consists of the following four web sites:

information & feedback General and technical information, frequently asked questions, news and events, museum history and information on the museum people are provided in this digital offbeat museum desk. Comments and letters to the museum are also welcome here.
club vraifaux Get a kick out of interactive fun and collaborative art projects in this digital offbeat museum workshop. This site is hosted by the half human, half machine museum person of truth and falsehood, vraifaux. Check out his fortune cookies and truth or dare updated everyday.
bossa nova girls' güt à gogo Enjoy listening to and talking about music with our musical talents, bossa nova girls in this digital offbeat museum café. This site is operated in collaboration with güt records under their web correspondence program. Check out güt of the week updated every Sunday.
magasin soleil Bonus pictures and bookmarks (links) are absolutely free (for non-business purposes only) at this digital offbeat museum shop. Other goods are thoughtware, meaning you will have to pay for them with your thoughts. This thoughts 4sale is really an exchange program of thoughts, dreams or any form of digital arts. This shop is managed by the world's most dashing sun ms. soleil.

We hope that you:

  • enjoy your visit.
  • find our exhibitions well presented and the information provided clear and helpful.
  • find our facilities of high standard.
We welcome your comments so that we can continue to improve our services for our visitors. Please let us hear your comments at our museum desk.


the same world, a new reality
Copyright © Kenji Saito, 1997