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Le club has had visitors since January 22, 1997. Thank you very much indeed.

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Welcome to club vraifaux

I am vraifaux, the host of this site. Enjoy the following collection of interactive fun and collaborative art projects which I have been conducting here:

truth or dare This is a daily truth or dare. Like truth or dare as you know it, the visitors are expected to decide whether to answer a question or to perform a task. Unlike truth or dare as you know it, the visitors are expected to use their full brain capabilities to solve the problem (updated everyday).
fortune cookies This is a daily (imitated) truism. "truism" is one of jenny holzer's art projects in which messages suddenly appear on LED screens for example in baseball stadiums. In this "fortune cookies" project, a fortune cookie is presented to you everyday in which you will find a message. The question is if you can bear it (updated everyday).
women's colouring road This is a monthly collaborative visual creation project. Each month, kenji saito will give you a black and white drawing which you will have to colour. Men are also welcome (updated when there is a submission; the subject is renewed every month).


the same world, a new reality
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