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women's colouring road

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October 1997 subject

[October 1997 subject]

See an example.

Please save the above picture to your local disk, apply clothing in whatever ways you like, and send the result back to us so that your art work will become a part of Musée Psyché. Men are also welcome. If a sufficient number is reached, we can have a contest in which visitors can vote for the best art work.

Your work must be 300 x 1200 GIF or JPEG file. The file size should be less than 100kb. Please attach the file either MIME or UUencoded to an e-mail whose subject line contains "colouring road" to psyche@yk.rim.or.jp - the mail should contain the following information: your name, how you describe yourself, and the title of your art work if there is any. Alternatively, you may send your art work as a binary mail to BXC00103, NiftyServe.

You retain the copyright of your art work, but you must agree with Musée Psyché's policy of free distribution of art works for non-business purposes only.

Your e-mail address will be linked on the viewing page unless otherwise specified in your mail.

September 1997


the same world, a new reality
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