the art trade centre

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what this is about

This is a trading program of digital arts. Please feel free to submit a copy of your work, and in return, you can obtain a copy of the item of your choice in the catalogue of our collection. Your submission then will become one of the items in the collection.

how it works

A trading takes place in the form of a mail order. To submit a copy of your work and obtain a copy of an item in return, please send us an e-mail at with the subject line "2buy" followed by the id of the item you wish to obtain a copy of. For example, if you wish to obtain a copy of si-ks01 ("introduction to fetishism," image/jpeg), the subject line of your mail should look like "2buy si-ks01." In the body of the mail or as an attachment, please enclose your submission. The total size of your mail should not exceed 100KB. Alternatively, you can give us the URL of your submission from which we can download our copy.

Typically within 24 hours (it could take longer), you will receive an e-mail from us containing a copy of the item you wished or the URL from which you can download your copy. At the same time, your submission will be included in the catalogue below (or maybe we would like to exhibit your work at Salon Soleil instead, in which case you will receive a further e-mail from us). Please specify if you do not wish your e-mail address to be linked in the list or you wish to use a particular nom de plume. Please make sure that you include the title of your submission.

You will retain the copyright of your submission. However, you will have to agree with Musée Psyché's policy of free distribution, described in Rules & Copyright.


Note: This catalogue does not list those items being exhibited at Salon Soleil or other Musée Psyché sites.

idauthortitle, thumbnailtype
si-hd01 hide01 venous blood injection image/jpeg
si-ks01 Kenji Saito introduction to fetishism image/jpeg
sn-bg01 Bossa Nova Girls the same world, a new reality audio/x-twinvq
tx-ks01 Kenji Saito solution to all the world's problems text/plain
tx-ks02 Kenji Saito a girl at a sex shop told me something very important text/plain
tx-ks03 Kenji Saito intravenous text/plain
tx-lj01 Lucien Jamey The Golden Rule of Fortune text/plain
tx-jb01 J.B. The gun and the phallus are similar in their connection with life. True or false? text/plain

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