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Martial arts from Japan


photo by takashi morizumi

SHINTAIDO Jamp; Other martial arts

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This home page is designed to provide comprehensive information of SHINTAIDO and other martial arts from Japan for people who get interested in the field.
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Welcome to Home Page of SHINTAIDO. Here comes the first home page which is specialized in Martial Arts in Japan. We deal with everything in the field of martial arts. We wish to have a frank communication with anyone who are interested in the subject beyond boundaries of martial arts, karate, judo, sumo, aikido, taekwando, and any others.
You can access to over 100 martial arts home pages through our home page.There are some servers which provide beautiful pictures. Try some and enjoy them.
Also, we are collecting information on other martial arts. If you have some license free data, list of martial arts sect, training Jim and location, address, and so on, please let us know. And if you already have a same kind of home page regarding martial arts, we would like anybody to access to your home page through ours. Please let us know your home page address.
We would appreciate if you can give us any comment on our home page and some information on martial arts.

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