Hiroshima Sky is always blue

On August 6th 1995, NHK(public TV/radio station in Japan) on-aired Yoko Ono's new song called "Hiroshima Sky is Always Blue". It was 50 years ago this day, dropping atomic bomb on Hiroshima, so the song on-aired as part of a 50-year commemoration of the first atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima.

This song recorded with Paul McCartney and his family on March this year at Paul's private studio.

Yoko send recorded DAT(Digital Audio Tape) to NHK for broadcasting this tribute song on august 6th.
NHK decided on-air, and interviewed Yoko about this song, her experiments of the World-War II, and so on.
On the on-air day, NHK's morning news programme, Ohayou Nippon (it means Good Morning Japan) from 7:00(JST=+0900). Yoko's corner took just 10 minutes (from 7:08 to 7:18), included Yoko's interview and new song, "Hiroshima Sky is Always Blue".

History of Recording...

Taken mainly from Monthly "Beatles BOOK". (May 1995 & Aug. 1995 issues)

On March 11th (some other news source said on January), Yoko Ono and her son (of course between John Lennon) Sean Ono Lennon visited Paul McCartney's private studio called the Mill in East Sussex, to record a Yoko Ono composition called "Hiroshima Sky is Always Blue", which commemorating the 50th anniversary of the dropping of atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

Yoko and Sean teamed up for recording with Paul and his family, his wife Linda and their children Mary, Heather, Stella and James. Yoko takes lead vocal, and Paul providing backing vocal and upright bass (this upright bass played by Bill Black on Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel").
Also Linda plays celeste, Sean and Paul's son James both on guitar, and Mary, Heather, Stella join in on percussion and backing vocals.

This song is jamming-styled and type of free-form experimentation typical of Yoko's early music style for example on album Two Virgins, Life With Lions, and Yoko's part of Live Peace in Toronto.

Before Yoko and Sean returned to New York City, Paul handed mixed down tape over to Yoko, Yoko over-dubbed chimes of peace which played by Sean on intro and complete this song.

In rumor, Yoko is planning to issue this song on a future solo album, which recorded with Sean's band, but there's no plan.
Yoko said, "In a way, it's wrong to put that track on my album. I feel that because the children are involved, that track can't be put on a commercial album. That's how I feel, and it will be put in a different way, not on a commercial base. But it's hard to do it, it's very difficult, just one track."

Yoko's Message on interview...

"Hiroshima's sky is blue" is pray, and I want that human society will be beautiful like blue blue sky in the future."
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Update - September 4th, 1995