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  Date         City       Hall                           
 Mar. 3 (Sat) Tokyo     / Tokyo Dome (BIG EGG)
 Mar. 5 (Mon) Tokyo     / Tokyo Dome (BIG EGG)
 Mar. 7 (Wed) Tokyo     / Tokyo Dome (BIG EGG)
 Mar. 9 (Fri) Tokyo     / Tokyo Dome (BIG EGG)
 Mar.11 (Sun) Tokyo     / Tokyo Dome (BIG EGG)
 Mar.13 (Tue) Tokyo     / Tokyo Dome (BIG EGG)

Note 1 -- Tour Date changed

At first (on Dec.23rd 1989), Ticket advertisement on newspapers, we have 7 concerts(Mar.2,3,5,6,8,9,11) at Tokyo Dome, and sold 7concerts tickets on Jan.7th 1990. But during Feburary North U.S.tour, Paul had a serious cold, turned to bad condition. So on Feb.17th 1990, tour date changed to only 6 concerts.
Printed date on tickets is changed like below....
  (before changed)   (after changed)
         Mar. 2   -->   Mar.13
         Mar. 6   -->   Mar. 7
         Mar. 8   -->  cancelled

Note 2 -- Closed circuit

This tour (in Japan), only Tokyo area people could go to concert, then, Paul suggest that Mar. 9th concert on closed circuit.

What is Closed Circuit --- Concert live via satelite to other city's hall(theatre), and see on video-projector.

Advertizement by Television Program called "Yoru No Hit Studio Deluxe" (Fuji-Television) on Feb. 21st, and tickets were sold on Feb. 24th.
Closed circuit on below cities......

        City         Hall                           
       Sappolo   / Kyousai Hall
       Sendai    / Sendai Denryoku Hall
       Niigata   / Ceremony Hall Niigata
       Nagoya    / Aichi Kousei Nenkin Kaikan
       Osaka     / Suita Mei Theatre
       Takamatsu / Takamatsu Olive Hall
       Matsuyama / Matsuyama City Sougou Community Center
       Hiroshima / Hiroshima Mima Koudou
       Hakata    / Papyon 24 Gas Hall
       Kumamoto  / Melpark Hall Kumamoto
At closed circuit theatre, presented special CD single to everybody for coming.


Paul McCartney (Bass, Guitar, Piano)
Linda McCartney (Keyboards)
Hamish Stuart (Guitar, Bass)
Robbie McIntosh (Guitar)
Chris Whitten (Drums)
Paul WIX Wickens (Keyboards)


  1. Figure Of Eight
  2. Jet
  3. Got To Get You Into My Life
  4. Rough Ride
  5. Band On The Run
  6. We Got Married
  7. Let 'em In
  8. The Long And Winding Road
  9. The Fool On The Hill
  10. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    ~ Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
  11. Good Day Sunshine
  12. Can't Buy Me Love
  13. Put It There
    ~ Hello Goodbye
  14. Things We Said Today
  15. Eleanor Rigby
  16. This One
  17. My Brave Face
  18. Back In The U.S.S.R.
  19. I Saw Her Standing There
  20. Coming Up
  21. Let It Be
  22. Ain't That A Shame
  23. Live And Let Die
  24. Hey Jude


  25. Yesterday
  26. P.S. Love Me Do (Mar.9,11,13 only)
  27. Get BAck
  28. Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End


Paul McCartney (Bass, Guitar, Piano)
Linda McCartney (Keyboards)
Hamish Stuart (Guitar, Bass)
Robbie McIntosh (Guitar)
Chris Whitten (Drums)
Paul WIX Wickens (Keyboards)


Feb.28th 1990

18:40(JST) -- Welcome to JAPAN!
              Many fans rush to New Tokyo International Airport
              (Narita Airport), and welcome Paul and tour members.

Mar.1st 1990

18:12(JST) -- Rehearsal Live Gig(in Public) & Press conferance
              At MZA ariake, Paul hold rehearsal live gig (played
              1 song only, "Match Box") and press confernace.
              This live on-aired by Japanese TV station, Fuji
              Television, (Program Title was "Super Time"),
              but live performance did not on-aired completely.
              This day, also rehearsaled some songs(for example,
              "Let 'Em In", "Don't Get Around Much Anymore", 
              "Twenty Flight Rock", "Lucille", "C Moon" and 
              "P.S. Love Me Do") not in public.

Mar.2nd 1990

---------- -- Rehearsal at Tokyo Dome

Mar.4th 1990

---------- -- Off (visited Meiji Jinguu)

Mar.7th 1990

---------- -- Paul Interview on-air by Japanese AM radio station
              This program called "ALL NIGHT NIPPON" on-aired by
              Nippon Housou, hosted by Naoto Kine.
              Today's guest is Paul McCartney Band's drummer,
              Chris Whitten, who interviewed by host.
              Also, Paul's interview tape (recorded on Mar. 7th
              at Tokyo Dome's dressing room) on-aired.

Mar.8th 1990

---------- -- Off (Drive to Mt. Fuji)

Mar.9th 1990

---------- -- Go to Imperial Palace Garden (where Paul escaped
              from hotel and go in 1966, Beatles Japan Tour)
15:00(JST) -- Planting Ceremony
              At Masago Primary School (Bunkyou-ku, Tokyo), 
              The Beatles Club (Japanese Fan Club, called BEATLES
              CINE CLUB at this time) held
              planting ceremony for Paul & Linda.

Mar.12th 1990

---------- -- Off (Wedding Cerebrate Party for Paul & Linda)

Mar.14th 1990

13:40(JST) -- Thank you, Paul! Goodbye!

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