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  Date         City       Hall                           
 Dec. 1 (Sun) Yokohama  / Yokohama Arena
 Dec. 2 (Mon) Osaka     / Osaka Castle Hall
 Dec. 3 (Tue) Osaka     / Osaka Castle Hall
 Dec. 5 (Thu) Nagoya    / Nagoya International Showcase Hall
 Dec. 6 (Fri) Hiroshima / Hiroshima Sun Plaza
 Dec. 9 (Mon) Fukuoka   / Fukuoka International Center Hall
 Dec.10 (Tue) Osaka     / Osaka Castle Hall
 Dec.12 (Thu) Osaka     / Osaka Castle Hall
 Dec.14 (Sat) Tokyo     / Tokyo Dome (BIG EGG)
 Dec.15 (Sun) Tokyo     / Tokyo Dome (BIG EGG)
 Dec.17 (Tue) Tokyo     / Tokyo Dome (BIG EGG)

Note -- Tour Date Added

At first (on Oct.15th 1991), Ticket advertisement on newspapers, we have 7 concerts(Dec.2,3,10,12 at Osaka Castle Hall, Dec.14,15,17 at Tokyo Dome), and sold 7concerts tickets on Oct.20th 1991.
But tickets sold very well, so added 4 concerts(Dec.1,5,6,9) later.


George Harrison (Guitar)
Eric Clapton (Guitar)
Nathan East (Bass Guitar)
Steve Ferrone (Drums)
Chuck Leavell (Keyboards)
Greg Phillinganes (Keyboards)
Ray Cooper (Percassion)
And Fairweather Low (Guitar)
Katie Kissoon (Backing Vocal)
Tessa Niles (Backing Vocal)


  1. I Want To Tell You
  2. Old Brown Show
  3. Taxman
  4. Give Me Love
  5. If I Needed Someone
  6. Something
  7. Fish On The Sand (Dec.1 & 2 only)
  8. Love Comes To Everyone (Dec. 1 only)
  9. What Is Life
  10. Dark Horse
  11. Piggies
    ------ Eric Clapton Part ------
  12. Pretending
  13. Old Love
  14. Badge
  15. Wonderful Tonight
    ------ End of Eric Clapton Part ------
  16. Got My Mind Set On You
  17. Cloud 9
  18. Here Comes The Sun
  19. My Sweet Lord
  20. All Those Years Ago
  21. Cheer Down
  22. Devil's Radio
  23. Isn't It A Pity
    ------ encore.... ------
  24. While My Guitar Gentry Weeps
  25. Roll Over Beethoven


George Harrison
Amplifier Guitars Effectors Eric Clapton
Amplifier Guitars Effectors PA Systems


George was suffering for went to tour or not for a long time. (perhaps from late 80's, he got a big hit single 'Got My Mind Set On You' and album "CLOUD NINE")
But in early 90's, Eric asked George went to Japan tour. Because Eric thoughts perhaps tour started from US or Europe, many ciritcs wrote criticize of tour on newspapers and magazines. But Japan is far away from US or Europe, and Eric felt that Japanese audience is good listeners.

But George didn't have band at that time, then Eric and his supported band join in this tour.


Nov.1st 1991

---------- -- Begining Rehearsal for Japan Tour
              At Bray Studio, Windsor, U.K. till Nov.24th.
              On Nov.12th, Japanese Press Team come to studio,
              and interviewed George and Eric. This interview
              on TV (for example, Nov.24th "Subarasiji Nakamatati
              II" on CBC/TBS), newspaper, and so on.

Nov.28th 1991

15:57(JST) -- Welcome!
              At New Tokyo International Airport(Narita Airport).

Nov.29th 1991

13:02(JST) -- Press Conferance
              At Capitol Tokyu Hotel

Nov.30th 1991

---------- -- Rehearsal
              At Yokohama Arena

Dec.4th 1991

---------- -- Shopping
              At Hankyu Department Store (Osaka)

Dec.7th 1991

---------- -- Off (Hiroshima Peace Park)

Dec.8th 1991

---------- -- Off (Fukuoka)

Dec.10th 1991

---------- -- Live Recording Start

Dec.12th 1991

---------- -- George had a little cold, went to Tanaka Clinic.

Dec.13th 1991

---------- -- George interview on-aired on Television
              On Fuji-Television "Super Time", George interview
              (recorded on Dec.12th) on-aired.

Dec.16th 1991

---------- -- Shopping
              At International Market (Tokyo)

Dec.18th 1991

12:15(JST) -- Thnak you George & Eric! Good bye!

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