Date           City     Hall                           
 Jun.30 (Thu) Evening    Tokyo / Nippon Budokan Hall
 Jul. 1 (Fri) Afternoon  Tokyo / Nippon Budokan Hall
 Jul. 1 (Fri) Evening    Tokyo / Nippon Budokan Hall
 Jul. 2 (Sat) Afternoon  Tokyo / Nippon Budokan Hall
 Jul. 2 (Sat) Evening    Tokyo / Nippon Budokan Hall


(all day same set list)
  1. Rock'n'roll Music
  2. She's A Woman
  3. If I Needed Someone
  4. Day Tripper
  5. Baby's In Black
  6. I Feel Fine
  7. Yesterday
  8. I Wanna Be Your Man
  9. Nowhere Man
  10. Paperback Writer
  11. I'm Down

Private Schedule

Apr.26th 1996

---------- -- Engagement for Japan tour during NEMS and Kyodo Kikaku Agency
              (Japanese promotor).

Apr.27th 1966

---------- -- Engagement information (1st) on newspaper, YOMIURI SHINBUN.

May 3rd 1966

---------- -- Engagement information (2nd) on newspaper, YOMIURI SHINBUN.

May 4th 1996

---------- -- Ticket advitsement on newspaper.
              Schedule is 
                  June 30th   Evening concert at Nippon Budokan
                  July  1st   Evening concert at Nippon Budokan
                  July  2nd   Evening concert at Nippon Budokan
              Ticket prices are seat A is 2100yen, B is 1800yen, C is 1500yen.
              All tickets are sold with post-card selection. 

May 17th 1996

---------- -- Post-card select for ticket.
              Tickets are only 30000, but post-cards are 208861 !!

May 26th 1996

---------- -- Nippon Budokan's owner Matsutaro Shouriki said that
              didn't allow to use their hall for Beatles concert.
              (but at last, he allowed.)

June 7th 1996

---------- -- Adding schedule, 
                  July  1st   Afternoon concert at Nippon Budokan
                  July  2nd   Afternoon concert at Nippon Budokan

June 28th 1996

00:05 (JST) -- Beatles leave Hamburg, Germany on JAL (Japan Air Lines) 412,
17:30 (JST) -- Big typhoon hit Japan, so "MATSUHIMA" wait for passing typhoon
               at Ancarege.

June 29th 1996

03:39 (JST) -- Beatles arrive at Tokyo International Airport (often called
               Haneda Airport), 10:24 late from original schedule.
15:20 (JST) -- Press conference at Tokyo Hilton Hotel (their staying hotel),
               room called "Beni-shinju no ma".

June 30th 1996

18:35 (JST) -- Beatles first concert in Japan is started.
               at  18:35, act 1 (Japanese bands playing)
                          Japanese bands are....
                            Isao Bitou, Hiroshi Motizuki, Yuya Uchida,
                            Jackie Yoshikawa and Blue Comets, Gorou Sakurai,
                            and Drifters.
               at  18:37, Beatles arriving Budokan.
               at  19:20, act 1 is end
               at  19:35, act 2 (Beatles stage)
               at  20:10, act 2 is end
               This concert recorded on Video by NTV, used 3 color TV-cam
               and 3 monochrome-TV-cam. But, Brian Epstain didn't allow
               this take. (Please read below notes)

July 1st 1996

10:00 (JST) -- Paul and John escaped from hotel.
               Paul went to impreial palace garden with Mal Evans (who is
               beatles' road manager).
               John went to Oriental Market and Asahi Garaley at Harajuku.
14:00 (JST) -- Afternoon Concert.
               This concert re-recorded on Video by NTV.
18:30 (JST) -- Evening Concert.
21:00 (JST) -- TV program, "BEATLES JAPAN CONCERT" on aired at NTV.
               This program contains Documentary part (black and white),
               Japananse supported band part (color, recorded on June 30th),
               and full-length of Beatles July 1st afternoon concert.
               This program distributed by NTV, and on-aired at
                 Nihon TV (Tokyo area), Sapporo TV (Hokkaido area),
                 Aomori Housou, Akita Housou, Yamanashi Housou,
                 Kitanihon housou, Fukui Housou, Yomiuri TV, Nihonkai TV,
                 Nankai Housou, Shikoku Housou, Nishinihon Housou.
               Also, on-aired on all part black and white on July 1st,
                 Yamagata housou, Yamaguchi Housou, Kouchi Housou
               On-aired on all part black and white on July 2nd,
                 Iwate Housou, Hokuriku Housou, Saninn Housou,
                 Kumamoto Housou, Ooita Housou
               On-aired on all part black and white on July 3rd,
                 Chubunihon Housou
               On-aired on all part black and white on July 4th,
                 Sendai Housou, Hukushima TV, Shinetsu Housou, Hiroshima TV
               On-aired on all part black and white on July 5th,
                 Niigata Housuou, Shizuoka Housou, Nagasaki Housou,
                 Miyazaki Housou, Minaminihon Housou
               On-aired on all part black and white on July 8th,
                 TV Nishinippon

July 2nd 1996

14:00 (JST) -- Afternoon Concert.
18:30 (JST) -- Evening Concert.

July 3rd 1996

10:38 (JST) -- Leave from Tokyo Internantional Airport (Haneda Airport) by
               JAL (Japan Air Lines) "KAMAKURA", and they went to Manila.

About Japan Concert Video......

Beatles' Japan Tour's Laserdisc officially released only June 30th,1966 (Dark Green Suit) version from Japanese Video Distribute company, called "Vap Video". Of course, Apple accept this release (perhaps in Japan only....).
("Vap Video" is major company in Japan. This company also released another video-tape and laser disc which related Beatles, for example, "Magical Mystery Tour", "First US Visit" and Paul McCartney's "Paul is Live".)

Ofiical Release Video and LaserDisc

Title is......."CONCERT AT BUDOKAN 1966".
Catalog Number is..."VPVR-60676(VHS), VPLR-70236(LaserDisc)"
Distributed by......"Vap Video"

This video & laser disc still available in Japan.
(1st press, in deluxe black-case and insert booklet, but this version already soldout. But, regular type is still pressing and available.)

This lasetdisc's master tape is recorded by NTV (one of biggest TV broadcasting company in Japan) on color VIDEO TAPE. (NOTICE: not 16mm film!)
But, Paul's microphone was bad condition (swing left and right), so Brian Epstain wanted re-record next day(July 1st afternoon show). July 1st afternoon show, fab four weared light striped suit. And on July 1st evening, this light suit version on-aired in Japan.
In rumour, Brian Epstain brought this light-suit version's master tape to England, so there's only dark-suit version left in Japan.
So, this laserdisc contained dark-suit version. But, this laserdisc mastering directly from color video tape, not from 16mm film dupe.

We can find light-suit version only on BOOTLEG video in Japan. There is two-type boot video, first is dupe from 16mm film version (most video omitted 1 song, so containd 10 songs), and second is dupe from color video tape (complete 11 songs).

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