Japanese TV Edition Indexes

Fanzine of Beatles Club (Japanese Beatles Fan Club) reported that Japanese edition mainly based on United States version, which is 35 minutes shorter than UK version.

Totally about 4 hours 41 min. (includes introduction of sponsors, and report by Japanese TV crew from Liverpool and London which added by Japanese TV.)

Notes: LARGE CAPITAL is song inserted
Notes: J = John speaking, P = Paul, G = George, R = Ringo, N = Neil Aspinal, M = George Martin, B = Brian Epstein
  1. OP title (by Japanese TV station original, perhaps)
  2. Ms. Etsuko Komiya report from Cavern Club, Liverpool, England
  3. OP title (original by Apple, Help zoom out to logo)
  4. IN MY LIFE(collage)
  5. Movie "The Wild One" scene
  6. HELP! (taken from movie Help! opening)
  7. cycling (taken from movie Help! Bahama location) / collage
  8. their birth (R,J,P,G monologue)
  9. meets rock'n'roll and how to beg it play (J)
  10. HOUND DOG (Elvis Presley)
  11. meet John & Paul (J,P,J,P)
  12. TWENTY FLIGHT ROCK(Eddie Cochran from movie) / TWENTY FLIGHT ROCK(P)
  13. and George join (J,P)
  14. THAT'LL BE THE DAY / IN SPITE OF ALL DANGER (first acetate)
  15. band started (J)
  16. about Stu (P,G,P,G)
  17. I'LL FOLLOW THE SUN / ONE AFTER 909 / I'LL ALWAYS BE IN LOVE WITH YOU (home rehearsal demo)
  18. name 'BEATLES' (R,J,N,G,J,P)
  19. ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN (collage)
  20. Hamburg era (P) / MONEY / Hamburg era & Stu leave (J,G,J,P,G,R,P,G) / I'M DOWN
  21. back to Liverpool (J,G)
  23. road manager work (N)
  24. cavern club (G)
  25. KANSAS CITY (at Cavern, only sound)
  26. Brain Epstein (B,G,P,P,G,J)
  27. THREE COOL CATS / THE SHEIK OF ARABY (Decca audition tape)
  28. BESAME MUCHO (Decca audition tape link to Let It Be session)
  29. recording engagement (G,M,J,P,G,J,P,R)
  30. SOME OTHER GUY (Cavern club, Aug.22,1962)
  31. first EMI session and Andy White on drums...(M,R,M)
  32. LOVE ME DO [Ringo Drumming Vers] (many film collage)
  33. about Love Me Do (B,J,G)
  34. about Please Please Me (P,J,M)
  35. PLEASE PLEASE ME (Ed Sullivan Show, Feb.23,1964)
  36. how long could be the band? interview in 63 (G,J,P)
  37. birth of Beatlemania (R,P,J)
  38. first album (P,J)
  40. TWIST AND SHOUT (many films collage)
  41. about From Me To You (P)
  42. FROM ME TO YOU (unknown footage, TV performance)
  43. radio programs checked (R)
  44. No.1 dinner (R)
  45. working class hero (J, Cathy=beatles fan)
  46. living in London (R)
  47. top of music scene (J)
  48. good point of group (G)
  49. The Morecambe And Wise Show talk
  50. IT WON'T BE LONG (with private film 1963)
  51. differences (G,J,R)
  52. London airport report news film
  53. Royal Variety Performance press conf. (J,P)
  54. TILL THERE WAS YOU / rattle your jewel (Royal Variety Show Nov.4,1963)
  55. we won't go US till get No.1 in US (P,M,P,M)
  57. landing France airport news reel (Jan,1964)
  58. France tour in 1964 (P,G,J)
  59. TWIST AND SHOUT (live in Paris, Jan.1964)
  60. Top on US chart (P,G,J)
  61. landing on Kennedy Airport, US, 1964 (B)
  62. Press conf. at Kennedy airport (Feb. 1964)
  63. ALL MY LOVING (Ed Sullivan Show, Feb.9,1964) cheers oveedub
  64. about Ed Sullivan Show (P,G)
  65. SHE LOVES YOU (Washington DC coliseum, incl. private shot by color)
  66. vacation at Miami (R) w/private shot film / I'LL FOLLOW THE SUN (photo collage)
  67. THIS BOY (Ed Sullivan Show, Feb.16,1964 from Miami)
  68. suit case packing / Ed Sullivan introduction (over dub)
  69. I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND (back to London Airport news reel)
  70. first movie (J,P,J)
  71. A HARD DAY'S NIGHT (movie sequence edited)
  72. filmed on train (P,J,R)
  73. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER (take from movie A Hard Day's Night)
  74. This Boy scene from movie A Hard Day's Night
  75. John & Woman talking at Television studio sequence from movie
  76. about script by Alan Owen (G,P)
  77. called young Marcus Brothers (J)
  78. CAN'T BUY ME LOVE (taken from movie) / same (NME poll winners concert 1964)
  79. about first book In His Own Writes (G,R)
  80. reading 'Wrestling Dog' by John (in TV show, with D.Moore)
  81. LONG TALL SALLY (Holland TV show, Holland River parade)
  82. interview of Jimmy Nicole (picked from Holland TV show)
  83. about absence for illness (R)
  84. Welcome Back, Ringo! introduction by Paul / YOU CAN'T DO THAT (Melbourne Festival Hall, May 1964)
  85. looking back 1964 BBC interview by Brain Mathew / THINGS WE SAID TODAY
  86. about 1964 summer US tour (G,R,G,P,J) / ROCK'N'ROLL MUSIC (collage)
  87. press conf. in US
  88. how to away from fans (R,P,G,P,R,J)
  89. ALL MY LOVING (live at Hollywood Bowl, Aug,1964 w/film)
  90. American rock'n'roll (P)
  91. about Bob Dylan (R,G,J,G,R,P) / TIMES ARE CHANGIN' / FREE WHEELIN' (Bob Dylan)
  92. terrible episode of US tour (G,R,G,J,R,G,P,J,G)
  93. SLOW DOWN (collage) / back to London
  94. movie Help! opening sequence
  95. HELP! (taken from movie Help!)
  96. about movie Help! (P,G,P)
  97. Report from Strawberry Fields, Aunt Mimi's house (added by Japanese TV)
  98. about Reunion rumors and offers (P&G&R at Abbey Road Studio)
  100. ANOTHER GIRL (taken from movie Help!)
  101. about Bahama (R)
  102. about Alps (P)
  103. THE NIGHT BEFORE (with film collage picked from movie Help!)
  104. about skiing (R)
  105. jazz cigarette and marijuana (P,J,R)
  106. funny filming (G,J)
  107. movie Help! title (P,J)
  108. HELP! (TV show, Big Night Out 1965)
  109. composing Yesterday in dream (P)
  110. YESTERDAY (TV show, Big Night Out 1965)
  111. how to go to solo artist? - nonsense. (P)
  112. I FEEL FINE / SHE'S A WOMAN (NME poll winner's concert 1965)
  113. TICKET TO RIDE (TV show, Big Night Out 1965) / same (promo film)
  114. we could play like record on live (P)
  115. M.B.E. interview
  116. news reel about MBE from Bucking-ham Palace
  117. EIGHT DAYS A WEEK (collage about MBE)
  118. about Buckingham Palace (P,R)
  119. M.B.E Press conf.
  120. about Buckingham Palace and M.B.E.(G,R,G)
  121. Shea Stadium film collage
  122. introduction by Ed Sullivan at Shea stadium, Aug,1965
  123. TWIST AND SHOUT (Shea stadium, but overdub by Hollywood Bowl 1965)
  124. about Shea Stadium concert (R,J)
  125. I'M DOWN (Shea stadium,Aug.15, 1965)
  126. about Shea Stadium concert (J,N,P,R,G)
  127. met Elvis (G,R,G,P,N,R,P,J,P&G&R meeting,R)
  128. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE (collage)
  129. about beatlemania (R,G,J,G,R,P)
  130. music creativity (M,J)
  131. DRIVE MY CAR / NOWHERE MAN (collage)
  132. about album Rubber Soul (P)
  133. about Indian music and sitar (G)
  134. NOWERGIAN WOOD (early version)
  135. about Yellow Submarine idea (R,P) / YELLOW SUBMARINE (collage)
  136. about album Rubber Soul and Revolver (G)
  137. about Tomorrow Never Knows (M,J,P) / TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS (collage)
  138. George song writing (G,R) / TAXMAN (collage)
  139. first LSD... (G,J,G,P)
  140. landed on Japan(Haneda Airport, Jun.28,1966) / GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE
  141. about Japan tour 1966 (G)
  142. press conf. in Japan (at Tokyo Hilton Hotel, Jun.28,1966)
  143. about Japan tour 1966 (P,G,P,G,P,G,R,G,P,R)
  144. becoming hard to playing at concert (P&G&R meeting)
  145. PAPERBACK WRITER (live at Budokan,Tokyo,Japan Jul.1,1966)
  146. musician ship going down (R)
  147. about Philippine tour (N,G,R,P,R,J,P,R,G,P,J,G,R,J,P)
  148. THE WORD (collage)
  149. about Beatles popular than... problem Brian Epstein press conf.
  150. about Beatles popular than... problem (M,G)
  151. about Beatles popular than... problem John press conf.
  152. I'M ONLY SLEEPING (collage)
  153. tired to tour (J,P,G,J,G,P,G,P,J)
  154. DAY TRIPPER (candle stick park concert, Aug.29,1966, their last concert)
  155. interview on Abbey Road late 1966 (P)
  156. studio recording era began (P&G&R meeting)
  157. about Strawberry Fields Forever (J,P)
  158. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (Paul with melotron) / same (promo film)
  159. band name, SGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (P)
  160. about album SGT. (M,J)
  162. not all songs along concept (J)
  164. about SGT recording (R)
  165. compose A Day In The Life (P,J,P)
  166. A DAY IN THE LIFE (promo film)
  167. about All You Need Is Love (J,G,M,G,P,R)
  168. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (Our World TV Special, colorized)
  169. about summer of love movement (R,P,G,J,G) / EIGHT MILES HIGH (The Byrds)
  170. HELLO GOODBYE (promo film, SGT. suits version)
  171. PENNY LANE (promo film, color) sound is different overdubbed brass
  172. drugs and meditation (J,R,P,G)
  173. interview of Maharishi
  174. about meditation (G,P,J)
  175. WITHIN YOU WITHOUT YOU (collage)
  176. death of Brain Epstein (J,R,G,G,J,R,P,J) incl. interview footage 1967
  177. leadership (G,R,J,P)
  178. MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR (from movie Magical Mystery Tour collage)
  179. magical mystery tour project (G,P,G,R,P,J)
  180. FOOL ON THE HILL (from movie Magical Mystery Tour & outakes film)
  181. I AM THE WALRUS (from movie Magical Mystery Tour & outakes film)
  182. went to India news reel
  183. ACROSS THE UNIVERSE [demo version] (private film in India)
  184. holidays in India (R,J, P&G&R meeting with ukulele)
  185. compose Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (G) / EVERYBODY'S GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE EXCEPT ME AND MY MONKEY (private film)
  186. helicopter with Maharishi (P)
  187. away from India (J)
  188. beginning Apple Corps (P,G) / Apple Corps press conf.
  189. LADY MADONNA (promo film incl. outakes? & Hey Jude rehearsal)
  190. REVOLUTION (promo film) / about Revolution (J)
  191. BY GEORGE! / David Frost introduction (outakes?)
  192. HAPPINESS IS A WARM GUN (collage)
  193. about Yoko (J,J,G,P,R,J)
  194. Ringo away from band (G,R,P,R)
  195. YER BLUES / GOOD NIGHT (narration version) / ROCKY RACCOON / WHILE MY GUITAR GENTRY WEEPS (demo vers.) / MOTHER NATURE'S SON (demo) / PIGGIES (demo) / I WILL (demo) / WHY DON'T WE DO IT IN THE ROAD (outakes) / I'M SO TIRED (outakes) / DON'T PASS ME BY (outakes)
  196. about White Album (R,P)
  197. about Hey Jude (P)
  198. HEY JUDE (promo video, outakes?)
  199. bad terms coming (G,P,J)
  200. about Let It Be project (M,N,P,G,R,G,J,G,G,J,P,G) / outakes from movie Let It Be, Twickehnam
  201. I'VE GOT A FEELING (picked from movie Let It Be)
  202. TWO OF US (rehearsal, outakes from movie Let It Be)
  203. discussion about play (picked from movie Let It Be)
  204. about Magic Alex (M,G,N) / Apple Electronics promo film (Alex)
  205. George entering Apple building (from movie) / FOR YOU BLUE (movie, incl. outakes?)
  206. tired for discussion and Billy Preston join the session (R,G,R)
  207. GET BACK (outakes from movie)
  208. about band music (P)
  209. THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD (from movie Let It Be) little difference?
  210. where did we live-performance? (G,N,P)
  211. DON'T LET ME DOWN (rooftop concert, Jan.30.1969)
  212. GET BACK (rooftop concert, Jan.30.1969)
  213. movie - only breaking up documentary (J,P,G,R,P)
  214. LET IT BE (from movie Let It Be) little difference?
  215. Paul married with Linda news reel
  216. THE BALLAD OF JOHN & YOKO (film collage)
  217. together through 10 years (P,J,R)
  218. end of friendship (G)
  219. apple turned sour, Klein coming... (J,P,G,N,J,P,R,P,N)
  220. album Abbey Road (M,G,R,M)
  221. SOMETHING (promo film)
  222. it's last record (R,G)
  224. recollect beatles era (R,G,P,J) / BECAUSE / THE END
  225. Report from Abbey Road Studio, London (added by Japanese TV)
  226. REAL LOVE
  227. Ending Credit / LEAVE MY KITTEN ALONE

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