Cover art for 'The Eternal Flame' by Greg Egan / mirrored version © Rey.Hori, All rights reserved. 2016



This site is the gallery of CG illustrator Rey.Hori. Selected artworks, original series of visuals and annually ordered works are available. I can accept your orders or inquiries for making illustrations or artworks. Contact me through the mail-link at the end of this page.
(For PC users: You can navigate forward/backward through artworks popped from gallery pages using right/left cursor keys on your keyboard.)

If you want to specify certain artwork in your quiry, please use gallery's name (white letters in black bar on the top of the page) and thumbnail number (small red number at lower right of the thumbnail).


Artworks made on 2015 and 2016 are added.

Artworks and illustrations made on late 2015 and early 2016 are added. And some artworks are also added to the 'accelerator 04' and the 'selected gallleries (mechanics, publications and others)'.

Artwork of Godzilla movie is added to 1999 archive

An artwork for the ad of the movie 'Godzilla 2000', made on April 1999, is added to No.15 in the archive of 1999.

A showcase of my movie works is open on Vimeo.

Some of my movie works are uploaded to the video-sharing website 'Vimeo'. Check them out!