technical information

Musée Psyché is optimally viewed with either of the following browsers: The features peculiar to these browsers we extensively use include JavaScript source inclusion. Musée Psyché has been tested on the following environments:
  • Apple Power Macintosh 7300/180 (PowerPC 604e 180MHz)
    Using Netscape Navigator 3.04 on System 7.6.
  • IBM ThinkPad 535 (Pentium 133MHz)
    Using Netscape Navigator 3.04 and Internet Explorer 4.0 on Windows 95.
A known problem is that if a version of Netscape Navigator preceding 3.04 is used, after some extensive browsing of Musée Psyché (about 30 pages), an illegal instruction exception may arise, i.e., the browser gets terminated (Windows 95) or a system error occurs (Macintosh).
_____Shockwave Flash:
Musée Psyché extensively use Shockwave Flash plug-in, which is available from the following download site:
Typical audio files at Musée Psyché, and especially those at Bossa Nova Girls sites are of audio/x-twinvq, which can be played by YAMAHA SoundVQ or NTT TwinVQ player available respectively from the following download sites:
A known problem is that in some cases audio is not properly played on a machine equipped with Mwave (such as IBM ThinkPad 535). General solutions to the problem are not known yet, but if you are using the YAMAHA version of a player, trying NTT one is an idea. In the case of our ThinkPad 535, files not properly played by the former could be played using the latter. Although they both claim to have problems with Mwave, and specification-wise the former is faster.

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