Children's Computer Painting Museum

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Room 0
What's new. The paintings that have newly arrived.

Room 1
The painters are elementary schoolgirls.

Room 2
Pictures of Dogs, Cats, and other Animals.

Room 3
The painters are elementary schoolboys in Japan.

Room 4
Elementary students in Japan. What funny pictures they are !

Room 5
Moon and Stars. The painters are elementary school kids in Japan.

Room 6
Elementary schoolgirls and boys are trying more complicated objects.

Room 7
Elementary schoolgirls and boys.

Room 8
There are Arts. Cool !!

Room 9
Many stamp marks.

Room 10
Originality, they have.

Room 11
An illustration room.

Room 21
Personal Exhibition of genius Takashi.

Room 22
The second Personal Exhibition. Kuriko Hirata.

Room 23
"Hiroyuki Yamada" Personal Exhibition.

Room 56

An elementary schools "Naka-Aoto" at Katsusika-ku Tokyo city.
But sorry Japanase Character only.
The address is

Room 55

"Den-en-Toshi Digital Gate (Dinosaur.Street)"
Ochiai family's Home Page. But Japanase page only now, sorry.
The address is

Room 54

Urayasu city Archery Association.
Check "Children's Art Work" pages. It has English pages.
The address is

Room 53

"Den-en-Toshi Digital Gate (Cat.Street)"
Nakayama family Home Page. But Japanase page only now, sorry.
The address is

Room 52

Ueda family Home Page.
This is Home page of Keisuke Ueda's family.
The address is

Room 51

Tatebayashi family Home Page.
There are many CGs. But the family has just three children.
Enjoy !

Room 111EE

Jump to "Botkyrka Friskola" school in Sweden.
The address is:
Sebastian Marquez who is a teacher of art and computer in Botkyrka Friskola visited our museum. And the school has many childrens CGs.

Room 110EE

Jump to "Vertual Musium" in Yamagata-ken Home page.
But unfortunatly, English Page is not yet.

Room 109....
Jump to << PC free studio >>.
There are good pictures painted by MAC.
The address of "PC free studio" :
It has English pages.

Room 101
Jump to << Kids Art Gallery >> in Kita-ku Tokyo city managed by Mr. Noma.
It has English pages. Enjoy !

Room 102
CG Club of elementary school attached to Toyama-national-university.
You can see CG and the painters' photos and some their comments in Japanase.

Room 103
Parts of the Paintings at 'Computer Schoool for children and their parents' at Hiroshima-sity-univercity on Oct.'94. It has English pages.

Room 105
Jump to "CG Gallery" of << Kids Space >> in U.S.
Kids Space address is

Room 108
CG contest of elementary schools at Ayase-city Kanagawa-ken, on Oct.'94.
There are part of those paintings, in Japanese only.